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I ask you to partner in our valuable work and help us to say Shalom Seattle. Radio Shalom Seattle plays a vital role in spreading the Jewish knowledge among Russian speaking Jews of Puget Sound!   Please sign up here:

 Radio program “Shalom Seattle” first went on the air 10 year ago, and since than was bringing Yiddishkeit to thousands of Russian Speaking Jews in Puget Sound region, every week for an hour long live show. It is also available in the streaming format on the Internet.

 Every program includes news from Israel, discussion on weekly Torah portion, Kabbalah, practical Halacha and Jewish holidays. Listeners can call in with their questions during the show. This is a unique opportunity to reach Jews how otherwise are not part of any organized Jewish activities.

Right now we are at the critical point where without your support we might not be able to keep this show on the air.

 Please sign up at and not only accomplish the awesome Mitzvah of Tzedaka, but also help us enable thousands of Russian Speaking Jews to do more Mitzvahs and learn more Torah.  Now that's an amazing return on your 'investment'.  


With Gratitude, 
Rabbi Yechezkel Rapoport


 Note from

Rabbi Rapoport


If you ever wonder what you can do here in America, to help Jews to win a war in Israel, I have an answer.

Do a Mitzvah today! Help us say "Shalom Seattle"